Sunday, April 3, 2016

Force Ikshvaku's day out with Kaliyuva Mane - Home for Learning

KALIYUVA MANE (The home for Learning) is a unique place for learning which houses an entirely different way of education. The Student Formula team of NIE, FORCE IKSHVAKU got an opportunity to conduct a workshop for the children studying here. We decided to teach them about evolution of engines and some basic concepts of physics. The reason for taking this topic was to educate the kids on the evolution of physics and to change the perspective of the kids about science. We being a motorsports team, bringing in the concepts of cars, bikes was also an agenda of the workshop.
The team members started preparing for the workshop under the guidance of senior members two weeks before the scheduled date. The time was sufficient for us to prepare but still there was a sense of doubt, since it was the first time for the team members that they had done something of such kind. But the eagerness to make the workshop a success by properly delivering all the intended concepts made us to work harder, sometimes even bunking our classes. Different topics were distributed among the team members and an attempt was made to include experiments associated with all the topics.
We visited the school on 14th of March at noon. The school is setup far away from the busy polluted city which adds peace and serenity to their learning. When we entered the premises, there was a huge welcome waiting for us with all kids encircling us and greeting. The children were curious to know what plans we had for them. 
They started asking questions about us and our college. When we were interacting with them, we got to know that regular academic system is not followed here and the mantra here was ‘Learning with the Nature’. The class had different age groups of children studying together. They were divided into groups like Maithri, Prathibha, Shraddha unlike the normal classes. The challenge for us was to convey the concepts in a justifiable way, as some of the elder students in the class could grasp the concepts faster compared to the younger. 
We interacted with them and tried to know their intuitions by playing a small game. Later, we started our sessions and the topics were dealt witFew Questions where asked in between to know if our purpose was being served. We discussed about internal combustion engines with the eldest children among them, separately, and tried to clear all their doubts by showing the models, videos and some practical demonstrations. This small session helped them to prepare better for the upcoming exams. The session was good and we got an appreciable response. A dismantled engine was used to explain them the parts and working; and the kids enjoyed this hands on experience with the engine. Demonstrations were given on the working of steam engine which caught the attention of everyone. Intermediate questionnaires, video demonstrations made the entire session lively. 
The whole event was arranged and co-ordinated by the senior members in the team. It was new experience for most of us and we learnt a lot of things; and it was a beautiful experience to take back home. We hope that the main objective of getting them in touch with ‘science’ was accomplished. All the team members were inspired and whole morality of the team was boosted by seeing the enthusiastic children, who were interested in automobiles. 
This was just the start. After this workshop, the entire team is motivated to continue this in the future, in different schools around Mysuru, spreading the knowledge of science and automobiles. At the end of the day children were happy and we spent a quality time with kids. The experience was cherishable and helped our team to reach a new standard among other teams. 

FORCE IKSHVAKU is thankful to KALIYUVA MANE and DIVYA DEEPA for  giving us such an opportunity.

Team members who handled the workshop:
Shreenidhi Nayak N- Team Captain- +91 9902546918 , Rajath Mallya P. , Ajay N. R, Manoj Hegde,Sreevatsa P. S, Adithya N. Kumar , Adarsh Savanth ,Kenneth Fernandez,Vishwith V. M, Naseel ,Sinan, Kiran H. L, Mukunth Krishna, Lavanya Gowda, Arun Raj, Vikhyath, Malavika

Author : Shreenidhi Nayak N