Monday, May 11, 2009

Divyadeepa Trust, Mysore

Why Alternative School?
Normally schools function on the principle “Children for school” which means all children have to compulsorily learn certain things, in a certain way, in a certain time frame. If the children adjust to this it is fine. If not .............

Our alternative school “Kaliyuva Mane” is based on our experience that each child wants to learn things which interests it, in its own way, at its own pace and its personality blossoms in a unique way. Hence Kaliyuva Mane(which means home for learning) functions on the principle “School for children”. The school was started in June 2005 with an initial strength of 14 children, 4 as resident scholars and rest as day scholars. We are able to reach out to more and more children with every passing year. Currently, there are 41 kids at "Kaliyuva Mane" with half of them being resident scholars.

A humble beginning :
Inspired by the ideals of Sri Aurobindo & Swami Vivekananda, Divyadeepa initiated its service activities in Srirampura village on the outskirts of Mysore, during 1992. It has been since then providing education to children who either drop out or fail to reach the desired educational standards due to illiteracy, ignorance and poverty of the parents, lack of infrastructure in the schools and many other reasons. At Divyadeepa we started exposing kids to following learning experiences :

* Non-formal classes in English and Mathematics.
* Personality development and Yoga camps.
* Outdoor education through excursions.
* Environmental awareness programs.
* Art and craft activities
* Music, drama & other cultural activities

Children’s response is very encouraging.

Target children :
Though Kaliyuva Mane’s doors are open to all children who need alternative schooling. It’s focus is on opportunity deprived children, those who are from rural background, school dropouts, or kids who are not able to cope up with the pressures exerted in mainstream schooling.

Mission :
Divyadeepa’s mission is to transform these children into self-reliant citizens of India by giving them care, love, empathy and quality education.

Fees :
The school does not collect any fees. Nor does it receive any government funding. It is totally dependent on individual donations.

For more info on the activities of DivyaDeepa, please visit our website