Saturday, April 11, 2009

A stall at NIE during TechNieks-09

" Better late than never " is a often used phrase but rarely put into usage. Nevertheless this was a source of inspiration for us to set up a stall of Divyadeepa at NIE during TechNIEks-09 .

Two days of TechNIEks had got over . Blame it on miscommunication , communication gaps, lack of man power and what nots . But the stall was still not set, rather than cribbing about the lost opportunity we thought, Why not make the most out of what was left .

Acting soon on our resolve , finally we set up a stall on 14th of march , final day of TechNIEks . We stacked the shop up with shirts with inspiring logos and quotes and colourful handmade greeting cards. A donation box was also kept ready to those who wanted to contribute money to Kaliyuva mane.The team consisted of Shruthi Bhat , Spoorthi ,Ananth ,Prashant,Amruth all from NIE and Anil , Divya and Rajesh sir from JCE .

Few of the onlookers who spotted us at stall came to say hi. Few freinds came to talk to us . Few strangers came to check , out of curiosity . Few more were bored doing everything else and came to have a look at it . What ever the situation , most of them didn't go empty-handed.They were now the proud owners of T-shirts and greeting cards.

People being a bit scarce during afternooon soon started turning in good numbers as evening set in . Our Tshirts were selling like hot cakes with even lecturers going for them.The drizzing rain might have dampened the spirits of the fest performers and audience but helped us by bringing more and more crowd towards the stall area . Late start of the cultural evening also did it's bit to pull in more crowd . Now that's called blessing in disguise ! ! !.

All in all we were satisfied at the end of the day for doing a decent job of making out on lost opportunity . Below are the highlights of my personal experiences in being a part of volunteering team at stall.

Few of the people who initially came as buyers , heard about Divyadeepa and not only bought our stuff but also came inside the shop , learnt tricks of trade , joined hands with us in selling T-shirts. Now when we were short of man power this came as pleasant suprise .What more can I ask for ?? . . A million thanks to all those humble helpers.

A number of people who bought our shirts were already wearing it during the fest and were proudly flaunting it . Even now when i spot people wearing those shirts I always beam with joy and satisfaction . Each of us this way are being the ambassadors of good will . Cheers to the everyone !!! .