Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It is 100% again !

Today 10th  standard results are out.  We are extremely delighted to share our joy. All the 8 children from ‘Chinmayi’ team, who had appeared for the exams from ‘Kaliyuva Mane’ have emerged with flying colours, four of them securing first class.   7 of the 8 children belong to rural SC/ST families.  Few did not have any school at all to learn! Each one of them has crossed social/ economic /educational /emotional hurdles successfully and reached the goal.

All the children have passed in English medium taking Kannada as first language, English as second language & Sanskrit as third language.  As Kaliyuva Mane still lacks recognition as a school, children had appeared as private candidates for the coveted examinations.  So they were deprived of 20% internal assessment marks, instead they had answered questions for additional 20 marks. Here is the brief profile of each of them!

Koushik H.D. (18 years) hails from Haleyur from KR Nagara Taluk.  The boy lost his father a few months ago.  Mother is a housewife. She has studied up to 8th standard.  The boy belongs to a rural poor family. 
The boy studied up to 4th standard in a mainstream Kannada medium school.   The boy was good at sports.  So, he was admitted to Sports school at Chamundi Vihar stadium, Mysore as a resident scholar.  He won state level prizes in Athletics.  Afterwards he was admitted to Coorg Sports School as a resident scholar.  The boy could not adjust to the school.  He was academically lagging behind.  He did not progress in the field of sports also.  Somehow, he managed to complete one year there.  Then he dropped out of the school.  He was staying at home for one year. 

Then the boy’s mother came across an article about Kaliyuva Mane in a newspaper.  The boy was sent to Clinical Psychologist of All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore for assessment.  According to the report, he was a dyslexic boy.   Though his IQ was 100, his academic level was 4th standard.    He joined Kaliyuva Mane as a day scholar in August 2012 and as a resident scholar in 2013.  He regained his lost enthusiasm for studies at Kaliyuva Mane.  Now he has successfully completed SSLC examination.  He did not utilize the benefits, he was eligible for, such as exemption from studying two additional subjects and additional one hour in exams etc.  He took the exams like a normal boy.  He owes his success to healthy emotional environment prevailing at Kaliyuva Mane.

Now he has passed SSLC examination in SECOND class. (56%)

Sanjay N. (15 years) hails from Srirampura village.    Father has passed 8th standard.  Boy’s mother has not gone to any formal school.  The boy belongs to rural  BPL family.  Father is a mason.  Mother rolls Agarbathis in a private firm. (a temporary job) The boy completed 6th standard from a mainstream Kannada medium school.  His father was not happy with the academic progress of his son.   So, for better education, his parents brought him to Kaliyuva Mane in 2010.   The boy joined as resident scholar in 2013.

Now he has passed the SSLC examination in FIRST class. (81.8%).  He has scored 90 marks in Science & 83 in Mathematics. 

Swamy S. (16 years) hails from Bogadhi.  Father has passed 7th standard.  Mother has not gone any formal school.  The child belongs to rural Below Poverty Line family.  Father does gardening work in various houses (temporary job).  Mother is housewife and is maintaining a fragile health.   The boy completed 7th standard from mainstream Kannada medium school.  

Once by coincidence his father happened to work in a house, whose owner happened to be an office bearer of Rotary Club West.  This noble hearted lady sympathized with the child and was instrumental for the boy’s admission into Rotary West School, Kuvempunagar.  But, due to lack of pre-requisites, the boy could not cope up with the studies there.   So, as per the advice  of the same lady, the boy’s father admitted his son to Kaliyuva Mane, as a day scholar in 2012.  In 2013, he joined Kaliyuva Mane as a resident scholar.
Now the boy has passed 10th standard in FIRST class. (69%)

Soundarya S. (15 years) hails from Mellahalli village.  Father did not go to any formal school, but learnt reading and writing from Divyadeepa.  So he knew the importance of educating a girl child.  He is a farmer.  Girl’s mother is a housewife. The girl belongs to a rural BPL family.

The girl’s father admitted her to a rural private English medium school in his village.  The girl studied there up to 7th standard.   The school did not get permission to start 8th standard.  Urban English medium schools demanded a huge donation for a seat in their schools.   So girl’s father brought his daughter to Kaliyuva Mane.  She joined Kaliyuva Mane as a resident scholar in 2013.
Now she has passed 10th standard examinations securing FIRST class.  (69%)

Sushmitha P. (15 years) The child belongs to a rural BPL family.  In 2003, the girl’s parents migrated to Kenchalgudu village from Kollegala.  The factory, where the child’s father was working, closed down.  The girl’s father was jobless for more than 6 months. One of the well-wishers of Divyadeepa introduced the family to Kaliyuva Mane. Child’s father started working at Divyadeepa.  In 2005, the girl joined Kaliyuva Mane as a day scholar.  The girl has not attended any other formal school.  Currently, the girl’s father works as a cooking assistant in BCM Hostel, Kuvempunagar.  Mother works as Anganawadi teacher.

Now the girl has passed 10th standard  in FIRST class.  (62%) 

Manju B. (16 years) hails from Dhanagalli.  The boy is motherless.  The boy’s father has passed 9th standard.    The child belongs to a rural BPL family.  The child’s father works in a private factory.   The boy completed 2nd standard from a mainstream Kannada medium school.   Because his friends had joined Kaliyuva Mane, the child also expressed the desire to join Kaliyuva Mane.  So the child’s mother brought Manju to Kaliyuva Mane in 2007 and the boy joined as a day scholar.  In 2010, the boy joined Kaliyuva Mane as a resident scholar.

Now the boy has passed 10th standard in SECOND class. ( 58%)

Chandra M. (15 years) hails from Dhanagalli.  The boy’s father has studied up to 8th standard.  The boy’s mother has not gone to any formal school. The child belongs to a Scheduled caste Below Poverty Line family. Both the parents work as labourers.  (Temporary job) The boy had completed 7th standard from a rural mainstream Kannada medium school. 

The boy was eager to join child centric school, Kaliyuva Mane.  So his father brought him to Kaliyuva Mane in 2012.   We noticed that he had an academic lag of minimum 3 years.  In 2014, he joined as a resident scholar.   Now the boy has passed the 10th standard.  

Chethan R. (15 years) belongs to Kenchalagudu village.  His father is an agriculturist.  His mother is housewife.  The boy belongs to a middle class rural family.  His parents have studied up to SSLC.  

He had completed 6th standard from a rural mainstream Kannada medium school. He was finding it difficult to cope up with studies.   So he requested his father to put him at Kaliyuva Mane.   So the boy joined Kaliyuva Mane in 2010 as a day scholar.  Now he has passed SSLC.   

On this happy occasion, we express our sincere gratitude  to patrons of Divyadeepa, to our dedicated teachers, and to our enthusiastic volunteers.  

We congratulate the children who have achieved this feat and wish them a bright future!