Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yet another milestone

We feel very happy to share with you this news.  Yesterday 10th standard results were out.  All the 3 children Anand (15years),  Shivu (15years) and Kartik(16 years) of Chaitanya group who had appeared for the 10th standard exams from Kaliyuva Mane have passed  in flying colours.  Anand and Shivu have secured FIRST CLASS.  All have cleared the exams in English medium successfully crossing different domestic, economic, educational and emotional hurdles.

One boy is a first generation school goer from a village near HD Kote.  He was going to a rural Kannada medium free school.  The child was a zero level learner in that school.    Another child is motherless and his father is blind. He was studying in a Govt. Kannada medium school in a village prior to joining Kaliyuva Mane in 2010 as a resident scholar.  Another child is from a broken family. Father is not staying with the family. Mother sells fruits near bus station. The child was not going to the formal school regularly in spite of the best efforts of the mother.  Mother had changed the school for the boy thrice earlier.

All the children studied at Kaliyuva Mane as resident scholars.  [a free school including food, accommodation, entertainment and  medicare].  Nobody was sent to any outside formal school.   These were educated in a special way.  A new education system has emerged here at  ‘Kaliyuva Mane’.   This free experimental residential school is reaching out to more and more rural opportunity deprived children every year.    It is soon reaching its capacity of 100 children including 36 resident scholars.
At this happy moment, we express our deep gratitude to all of you - the patrons, volunteers and well-wishers for your support.  Needless to say we need your support always.   Kaliyuva Mane welcomes you all.   For updates :  http://www.facebook.com/divyadeepa.trust

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