Sunday, June 8, 2014

Teach him Universal love!

She was a young Muslim girl belonging to a poor family.   As she attained youth, she too dreamt a thousand fairy dreams about her husband and family.  She fell in love with a Hindu boy.   Love transcended caste, religion... and all barriers!   But her parents declined to accept this relationship.   She married her chosen one, against stiff opposition from her parents.   They got a baby boy.   Till now, life was a happy song for the couple. 
Gradually cracks developed in the relationship.  So her husband started ill treating her, physically assaulting her.  He became an alcohol addict.  She did not know what to do.    After a few years, she took divorce from him.   But the girl’s parents did not accept her back.  Her three younger sisters were yet to get married.   Later on, her husband remarried.   Now her life turned into a tragic song. 

But God stretches his helping hand in a strange way.   Another old man belonging to Hindu religion entered her life.   He was staying alone in Bangalore.   He gave shelter to this Muslim lady.  They are staying together as father and daughter.   In the meantime, she completed her B.Com.  But she could not do hard physical work due to the physical assault received at the hands of her husband.  Recently her ex-husband passed away.   She is searching for a job.  Incidentally her elder sister is also a divorcee. 

A couple of months ago she came across an article on ‘Kaliyuva Mane’ in a newspaper.   So a fortnight ago, a 13 year old boy joined Kaliyuva Mane family.  Even now she has dreams, this time about her only son.  Kaliyuva Mane will certainly fuel her dreams.  Hope the boy will rise to her expectations!  While parting, the lady told us, ‘Teach him universal love. I will be happy, if he prays to Hindu gods.  If possible, once in a while send him to mosque also.’ 

At Kaliyuva Mane, we believe and try to practice the religion, defined by Swami Vivekananda, “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within us by controlling nature, internal and external.  Do it either by work or worship, philosophy or psychic control, by one or more, or by all of these and be free.  This is the whole of RELIGION.  Doctrines or dogmas, rituals or books, temples or forms are all but secondary details.”