Friday, February 6, 2009

Want to Volunteer ??

Divyadeepa has a strong, dedicated volunteer force, consisting of a bunch of youth who want to make a difference. A few of us are students and the rest are working at software firms in Bangalore. The students are predominantly from local Engineering Colleges(NIE, SJCE etc), though off late, lot of students from other streams are also joining in.

What started as a small individual volunteering is now evolving into a full-fledged youth movement. All of us share a common dream - To see that the children of Divyadeepa are no longer "opportunity-deprived", and to make them strong, self-reliant, socially conscious, responsible citizens of India. However, a lot needs to be done. This is just the first step. But, the journey of thousand miles starts with a small step. We have a long way to go. We need more hearts to join this us in this task. We call upon all patriots, young & old to join this youth movement!

Here are some of the activities that volunteers are involved in -

1. Paper-Empower - Basically, we collect old newspapers from households/industries as a donation, resell it, & use the money to fund kids education. Since this is totally a voluntary activity, we take out "Papar-Yatra" only on weekends. Click here to know more about contributing to Paper-Empower.

2. Stall Management - We have been successful in putting up stalls at various corporates where we sell the following:
i) T-Shirts with inspiring quotes/messages - The entire margin goes to Divyadeepa.
ii) Greeting Cards - Hand made, artistic. A few of them made by our kids and the rest by rural youth. The easiest way to address rural employment.
iii) The concept of Divyadeepa & the need for Alternate education

3. Teaching - A few volunteers have been teaching children on a regular basis. While some commit to teach core  academic subjects, a few help them with dance, songs, craft, collage work, march past, soccer etc. We now want to start computer education as well.

Spoken english is another are where you could play a major role. The idea is to improve kids' english speaking ability. Children will take up their SSLC exams in English medium, but many of them have spent a major part of their schooling years outside the schools. Even if some of them have attended schools regularly, the teaching quality has been so bad that they have not had the opportunity to learn much.

Our volunteers "chat" with a small set of kids informally for about an hour every week in English. Slowly, & unconsciously, kids observe and learn the sentence formation and vocabulary.

We need volunteers who could spend a few hours every week on any of the above on a regular basis. 

4. PR Team - Takes care of Website, Blog, Newsletter, makes presentations/appeals for Divyadeepa, media management, etc.

Can you be a part of any or all of the above activities? Are you willing to be the change?
If yes, do not hesitate. Drop a mail to and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Welcome to Divyadeepa Family!!