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Crossing all the hurdles

Crossing all the hurdles......

Shwetha M. (DOB : 27-01-1997)

Shwetha's father works in a mutton shop.  Her mother works as a domestic help from dawn to dusk.  Father is an illiterate and mother has studied up to 4th standard.  They stay in a small tiny rented shed in Srirampura village, around 7 kms from Kaliyuva Mane.  Shwetha's parents have 5 children.  Shwetha is the middle one.  Shwetha's mother takes major share of the responsibility of the family.  Father has not found time to visit Kaliyuva Mane even once where his daughter stays since five years.  
Shwetha was going to the main stream rural Kannada medium school.  She was going to the school once in a blue moon due to multiple reasons such as inherent disinterest, rote teaching methods, lack of guidance at home, fear of punishment at schools etc.  She eventually dropped out.  After dropping out 10 year old Shwetha started accompanying her mother.  While her mother used to work, daughter used to play at the mother's work place.  
Shwetha's mother Bhagya used to come to Kaliyuva Mane in exingent situations.  While her mother used to be busy in washing vessels, this little girl used to enjoy swing  at Kaliyuva mane. One day Bhagya had come to Kaliyuva mane with her five children.   Elders used to help her mother, while others used to play.  We asked the eldest child to join the school.  But Shwetha was keener.  So she became a part of Kaliyuva Mane family on 17-04-2007.  
She started learning from scratch at Kaliyuva mane.  i.e from Kannada alphabets and numbers.  She was happy and progressing during first 3 years.  But gradually her interest declined.  During the summer vacation of 2011, Shwetha did not return to Kaliyuva mane.  Instead she went to Bangalore and was working in someone's home taking care of a one year young infant.  That experience was an eye opener for her!  She came back to Kaliyuva Mane  with a firm determination.  She started cooperating with the staff members.  Now she has passed X standard public examination in English medium.  She is the first girl to have passed X standard in the whole family.  She has one younger brother and one younger sister who have dropped out from the school.  A few days ago, her younger sister Megha joined Kaliyuva mane as a resident scholar.   
Shwetha wants to stay at Kaliyuva Mane and learn dance, arts and tailoring. 
Manu Kumar K. (DOB : 27th November 1993)

Manu hails from Mellahalli located on Bannur road.  Both the parents are illiterates.  Manu is the second son.   Farming is the family profession.  Manu completed 1st standard from a rural main stream Kannada medium school.  He lost interest in the studies and dropped out from the school due to multiple reasons such as inherent disinterest, rote teaching methods, lack of guidance at home, fear of punishment at schools etc. 
Manu started helping his parents in farming and taking care of the cows.  In the meantime, Manu's uncle Shivalingu, an illiterate had learnt reading and writing attending literacy classes conducted by Divyadeepa at Mellahali way back in 1996.  His uncle having understood the importance of education brought Manu's parents to Kaliyuva Mane.  On 9th April 2007, Manu became a part of Kaliyuva mane family.   He knew only to write his name in Kannada, but started cooperating with the staff.  With his fine attitude and hard work he could complete X standard public examination in English medium.   His younger brother 14 year Mahesha is continuing his education at Kaliyuva Mane having dropped out of school for more than 4 years. 
Renuka Swamy S.M. : ( DOB : 31st January, 1996)

Renuka Swamy lost his father when he was quite young.  His mother brought him up.  His mother works in a small eatery in a village on the outskirts of Davanagere.   Her dream was to give her only son good education.  She had studied up to 9th standard and knew the worth of education. So with great difficulty, she made him join a private Kannada medium school.  
But Renuka did not show much interest in studies.  He failed in 6th standard and stopped going to school.  Through word of mouth, Renuka’s mother came to know about Kaliyuva Mane.  So Renuka joined Kaliyuva Mane on 15-04-2008 as a resident scholar.  We found him bright but not suitable for structured studies.  Even at Kaliyuva Mane, he was not interested in studies initially.   But he gradually started evincing interest in studies. Renuka has passed X standard exams in English medium. 
Rajeshwari M. (DOB : 16th April 1996)

Rajeshwari’s parents stay at Ashokapuram in a rented house. Her father works as a painter.  Her mother is a housewife.    Father has passed SSLC and mother has passed 5th standard.  So they are aware of the importance of education.  They have 4 daughters.  Rajeshwari is the youngest.  Rajeshwari was regularly attending main stream Kannada medium school.  
Rajeshwari’s eldest sister Jaishri stays at Kenchalagudu.  Divyadeepa has trained her and presently she is working in Divyadeepa.  Jaishri was worried about her sister’s poor academic performance.  So Jaishri brought her sister to Kaliyuva Mane.  She had passed 6th standard in the main stream school.  At Kaliyuva Mane she was subjected to a simple assessment test.  The result was shocking.  She could not write a few lines properly in her mother tongue. 
She joined Kaliyuva Mane as a day scholar on 31st May 2007.  In 2009, she joined as a resident scholar. We found her studious and hard working.  She has passed X standard public exams in English medium in first class.  
Dhanush P. (27th December 1996) 
Dhanush’s father Mr. Puttaswamy was working in a private firm at Kollegal.  But unfortunately the firm closed down.  So he did not  get wages for several months. Divydeepa’s wellwisher introduced Puttaswamy to Divyadeepa in 2003.   For several years, Dhanush’s father used to work at Divyadeepa taking care of the dairy farm and the land.  Kaliyuva Mane was started in June 2005.  Naturally his daughter joined Kaliyuva Mane.  Dhanush who had completed 4th standard in a Kannada medium main stream school, joined Kaliyuva Mane in 2006 as a resident scholar. 
Dhanush’s parents are educated.  Lady luck smiled on Puttaswamy’s family.  Puttaswamy’s wife got a Anganwadi teacher’s job in Kenchalagudu itself.    Mr. Puttaswamy  got a job as a cook in a hostel. Presently they are staying in a rented house in Kenchalagudu. 
Dhanush is a bright boy.  Now he has passed X standard  in English medium, securing first class.   
Shivaraj (DOB : 20th August 1996) 
Shivaraj’s parents stay at Dhanagahalli in a small house.   Shivaraj’s father works in an industry.   Mother is a housewife.  Father has studied up to 9th standard.  
Shivaraj was studying in a Kannada medium main stream school.  His parents were not happy with the boy’s scholastic performance. Through word of mouth, Shivaraj’s father came to know about Kaliyuva Mane.   So they brought the boy to Kaliyuva Mane.  On 04-06-2007, he joined the school as a day scholar.  In  2009, he joined as a resident scholar.  
His younger brother Manju also studies at Kaliyuva Mane.

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