Friday, December 23, 2011

Spark The Rise - Positive Comment

Some well-wisher has understood the potential of Kaliyuva Mane and left a positive comment on our project": Education of Rural OUT OF SYSTEM children. We need more persons to bring this change.


Balakrishnan Sivathanu

I would like congratulate for two reasons; one being your phenomenal effort to help students who happen to miss mainstream education due to inevitable reasons like poverty, lack of motivation or proper guidance and etc., and the other being your planned approach to generate votes to make this project a winning one. At the same time I’m obliged to express a humble suggestion, as this problem being omnipresent in our country due to rigid rules or regulations in our education system that don’t offer an alternate route for such students with a verve to learn and rise, you should also focus on nipping the problem from the bud. I mean it’s essential to channelize your ability to co-ordinate this immense support to cause a policy level change so that our governments create solution for this problem. With the ever increasing costs of education, it would be implausible for the out of system students across our country to expect help from considerate nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be feasible in the long run for any organization to operate completely on donations from caring individuals and institutions (in particular at times of bleak economic scenarios). Sincere thanks for proving the very vital point to our authorities and legislators that even without formal education these dropped out students with little help are able to compete with their counterparts who hail from systematic education.