Monday, April 9, 2012

Detailed document about our school

People ask many difficult questions about our school. But once they visit our school, they go out with a feeling, “Oh, I got all the answers”. Some FAQ :

Who are OUT OF SYSTEM children?
Children for whom there is no proper school. (Except mentally retarded)
From what standard to what standard?
Children are not divided into rigid standards.
Is this a Kannada medium school or an English medium school?
Neither a Kannada medium school nor an English medium school in a conventional sense.
Why you don't have exams?
Unnecessary. We have a system to evaluate the child’s progress and to fix the curriculum
Is your school ICSE / CBSE / State Government recognized?
No. But children, parents/guardians have recognised. We are going to seek recognition as a grass root level rural educational research home/alternative school.
How do you sustain this?
This is growing from strength to strength since 7 years. But still a long way to go…

Please, click on the following link for a 27 page detailed document on our project.

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