Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Annual Sports Day at Kaliyuva Mane

Feb 2012
 Annual Sports Day at our school 19th Februrary 2012

On 18th February afternoon, around 30 youth from SJCE descended on playground of Kaliyuva Mane. They asked me for brooms. We had only two. So a few of them started making brooms. (We have plenty of coconut trees.) Some started cleaning the playground, some started watering the ground so that dust could settle down, some started preparing tracks, a few went out to bring some materials from city, some became busy in preparing the sand heap for long jump event...... After all the ground work, many left for their hostels/homes. Few of them halted at Kaliyuva Mane to continue the unfinished work in the morning.

19th morning was the event. Around 75 volunteers were present. Running race, relay race, balloon bursting, long jump, lemon and spoon, sack race were the events. Children and volunteers participated with enthusiasm. The school campus resembled that of a college campus. Volunteers outnumbered children. Afternoon session, volunteers played cricket with the kids.

In the evening, Mrs. Anita Rajendra, the president, Inner Wheel club-west, while distributing prizes to all children, showered praises on the volunteers. Children were bone tired and went to bed happily. Hopefully volunteers must also have extracted their slice of happiness.

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