Friday, June 5, 2015

Transformation – Children’s court

For learning an uncluttered mind is necessary.  Love & Care are essential ingredients for an uncluttered mind.   Little freedom to explore things, freedom to fail and learn - are very necessary for the overall development of a child.   But uncontrolled freedom may be detrimental to the growth of a child.  Such a child may become an anti-social element later.  According to psychologists, Love and Control are both necessary for the healthy growth of a child.  
Keeping these factors in mind, ‘Parivarthane’ [Transformation]  a kids'  court was conceived.

Special features of Kids’ Court :

1.         This special place has been constructed by children and volunteers of Kaliyuva Mane.  This may not look beautiful, but it is the product of enthusiasm and hard labour.  So it is priceless.
2.         Children do quarrel.  It is natural.  Their disputes will be settled in this mock court.  A water proof petition box made from eco-chip board has been placed in the court.  Those who seek justice can drop the petition in this box.  For the time being, teachers play the role of the judge.  Gradually children will be trained to take this role. Judge will hear views of both the parties, collect relevant information from the witnesses and deliver the verdict.  Following transformation modes are ( punishments ) are planned:
(i)         The guilty has to pay a fine in the form of a ‘fine cheque’ to the Kids Bank which is functioning since 6 years.
(ii)        The child has to take part in any physical work of the school based on its age and physical stamina for not more than two hours per day. [gardening, cleaning, cutting vegetables, etc.]
(iii)       The guilty child will be made to sit alone in the court contemplating, skipping game sessions.
(3)        Children can file a public interest litigation regarding school rules and regulations

(4)        A confession box is also kept for sensitive children who would like to confess their mistakes and feel light hearted.           

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