Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missing the chaos of Kaliyuva Mane

Impressions of a German volunteer :

Hello to Everybody at Divyadeepa!!

After some time beeing back in Germany, I feel the need to tell you how it feels to be back:

First of all, the streets appeared to be so empty - and so strict: Everyone was sticking to his own lane,
no rikschas or carts and even bikes are hard to find - hardly anybody uses them here.
The first time i went into the city I felt like i was in a Ghosttown: Everything was silent, no crowds hurrying
through the streets, some people were sitting in caf├ęs, drinking coffee and talking to each other quietly, no kids running around, no small shops
on the sides - everything closes at around 6 or latest 8 o clock.

I'm missing the chaos of Kaliyuvamane, the creativity, the innocence of the kids and to mess around with them.
I'd love to be there and swing the small ones around, I'd love to be there and have some fun.
I'm missing the superb breakfast from Kaliyuvamane, the idlis and rotis and chapatis.
Briefly, it's really hard to come out of thinking about the kids and the school...

I finally was accepted at my favourite university in Passau (Bavaria) and will start studying there in October.
The name of the studies program is "International Cultural and Business Studies".

I hope everything is going well at Divyadeepa

Regards Helmut

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