Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first day at Kaliyuva Mane

A grand entrance of the humble abode "Kaliyuva Mane". We enter with a great deal of curiosity.

A school away from the din and dramas of city life, "Kaliyuva Mane", run by Divya Deepa trust sets a vivid first impression on my mind. We step in and see few kids playing, oblivious to the arrival of a bunch of young volunteers. Few more kids wave from distance and give sweet innocent smiles. Few more kids come running , hug us and few more tug our dresses to draw our attention. They have thousand questions about who we all are. After getting answers from us , they take us to show around their "proud home" , holding hands. I think- 'Aren't they sweet?' , not aware that there's still lot of wholesome sweetness awaiting me , which i would experience bit by bit throughout my stay there. We all sing,dance,play and learn together. Time flies by in a jiffy and it's now the time for us to bid them a bye to them. With heavy hearts we leave the place bracing ourselves to enter the same old city life and resolving to get back to these lovely kids as often as possible .

This is how my first day at Kaliyuva Mane was. It set the wheels rolling and since then their has been no looking back. Back then i didn't know the day could change my life forever and even i could be a part of change.

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